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  • How does Bob generally work with people and companies?

    Each engagement is designed for that client's specific needs and is very flexible and dynamic as these needs evolove. We do not force people into certian rigid programs but do discovery to figure out and recommend the best approach. There are many factors like stage of development, team, growth goals and industry.  Typically there will be four meetings per month for a flat rate. We will always have a defined set of objectives and goals to achieve. The client is expected to do work offline to implement ideas, decisions and systems into their personal experience.  We strive to work long-term with clients and provide value as they grow, smoothing the growth and helping clients avoid hidden problems.

  • What does does working with Bob Cost?

    Coaching programs start at $500/month and are based on need and time reserved. Because Bob has developed  large library of intellectual property to help clients each hour of coaching will can easily be like two, three or even five hours with other coaches. Learning key concepts and systems via video, articles and other things appropriate to your challenges give you more value for your investment.

  • What about being a team member if I need more than coaching?

    Bob works with a limited nuber of companies as a virtual executive. This means filling in holes in management team and helping to plan and manage the company and break through barriers. These engagements go from several months to a few years and start at $3,000/month. A free diagnosis and recommendation is always available to design a custom program for your specific needs.

  • How do you conduct coaching sessions?

    We use a variety of virtual tools including Skype, Go To Meeting,, Google Docs, Dropbox, Base Camp and others. We will use any tool your company usues internally and adapt to those when appropriate.  Generally coching sessions include voice and screen sharing at a minimum and often video is helpful. In any case there is always dialog and support by email between sessions. An important part of the program is fast support to deal with quick questions. This depends on the level of program and could be one hour response to one day reponse time.

  • How do you help small companies grow?

    In addition to executive and CEO development we install standard management systems that allow companies to scale smoothly. In the classic book Good to Great Jim Collins says it takes even the great companies five to ten years to figurre out their internal systems. We have built six standard systems that drop in and need some minor customization. This cuts years off a company's development so it is prepared to scale. Of course the management team must also be in place and have the right experience at the right stage of development. We will identify any gaps here and coach and train teams to close those gaps.

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