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 Bob' Coaching Program Creates World-Class Executives, CEOs and Companies

Bob Norton,
CEO since 1989

Expert Coach, Mentor and Consultant to CEOs, Entrepreneurs and
Companies since 2002

Creator of
The CEO Boot Camp
and training programs for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Managers.

Creator of
AirTight Management

I have been managing people since 1984, a CEO of many companies since 1989 and bring vast experience to any coaching engagement that will include not just coaching but consulting, training and using a large library of tools, videos and articles to help that save you time and money.

I have experience coaching in the following capacities:

1. Strategic and Growth Coach & Advisor - This is being the Chief Consultant, Coach and Advisor to any CEO. Often Bob helps hire and select a clients' management team members and other consultants.

2. Executive Coaching – For Developing Managers & Executives to improve in any area and take on new responsbilities as a company grows. I develop custom programs to train teams and individual executives and managers in best practices.

3. Virtual or Interim Executive to Fill the Gaps in Your Team - Bob is often and interim CEO, COO, CTO or a combination of these to fill holes in small company management teams that cannot afford full-time C-Level expertise but needs a dash of it to be successful and get to the next level.

4. Group Coaching in Best Practices and Systemization - Bob has developed over 100 training programs for management and executive teaming using proven best practices of leadership, management, entrepreneurship and operations. He has created over 150 videos that give enormous leverage and time savings to help any comapny, team, project or culture improve by incorproating proven best practices and systems.

5. Life coaching, ADHD Coaching,  ADD Coaching and other specialites - There must be an integrated balance between business and life goals for everyone. Buildig a business and career is a marathon, not a sprint. A deep understanding of Psychology, Personal Development and many other skills that can only be developed over decades of exerience. 

A good coaching program will have weekly calls plus on call supprt vi email and phone. My clients generally get one hour response time durig normal business hours. This allows speedy decisions and tapping decades of experience, where 99.5% of problems will have an immediate answer, not months of research and angonizing. In today's world that speed is necesary to be a market leader. 

Click here to see Bob's Full resume. A word cloud version is below.
Tip: Never hire a coach without seeing their full biography.

Most coaches lack real depth of exertise and use simple systems and processes
that prevent them from helping in many ways as an advisor and consultant too. 



Is your business not growing like you think it should? There are invisible barriers you must be prepared to tackle.

Do you have new challenges where you need input from someone who has "done it before"?

How would you like to have a coach, advisor and/or mentor with 28 years experience as a serial entrepreneur and 20 years as a CEO help guide you and your business? 

How about someone who has launched over 30 successful products, grown two businesses to over $100 million in sales, and created over $1 billion in shareholder value, just while at those companies?

Tips on Finding a Coach and Key Questions to Ask

1. Has the coach done in their life what you are trying to achieve?

2. Does the coach provide you with their full background and did you check LinkedIn to see if they have publsihed their resume and have endorsements in the areas of expertise you need?

3. Will the coach provide a free introductory session to test your mutual chemistry and explain their process? If so do they spend the entire time "selling you" or do they show you their expertise and begin to learn about your needs, business and challenges?

4. Ask what process the coach will use for their coaching? Do they have specific tools, models and processes they have developed? Or did they just get a "Coaching Certification" without the background in business, management, leadership, marketing, sales, operations, technology and other areas that may be critical in designing solutions for your problems?

5. Has the coach written and published any books or articles that are appropriate to your needs?

6. Does he or she have experience getting others to where you want to be? This may be growing a business to $10,000,000 or more, developing Strategic Plan

Would you like someone like this on your team every week for those big decisions? And what if this cost you far less than the price of a receptionist? What kind of leverage might that have for your company and your career?

Do you feel stuck and that something is holding you and your business back? Can't figure out what it is?
This is the "Can't see the forest for the trees effect" that hits all CEOs and business owners at some time. You are so swamped in details that it is difficult to see and plan strategy, priorities and to be creative.

Our CEO & Entrepreneur Coaching Program is not for the corporate executive. It is just for serious entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to grow their companies.  Typical clients have revenue from $0 to $30 million and want to get to that next level. They need help shifting gears and their management style as they enter new territory and hit plateaus.  Most executive coaches cannot coach at this level, offering broad business advice, because they have not been CEOs. Many coaches have not even been senior executives at high growth companies.  This is not just "career" or "personal" coaching", but business growth and leadership coaching too.

Mr. Norton is one of the country's leading experts on entrepreneurship, business strategy, vision development and growing businesses rapidly.   He has written four books on entrepreneurship including The Startup Manual and developed many training programs for CEOs and entrepreneurs. This CEO coaching program is for both new and experienced CEOs who need an outside perspective for "lonely at the top" decisions from an experienced CEO who is always up to speed on their business.

Even Tiger Woods Needs a Coach.

The CEO & Entrepreneur Coaching Program is designed for any CEO, n matter how long they have been one.  It will provide outside perspective, new wisdom and experience and growth for the CEO and their business. Are you in a new situation that you have not successful navigated before?  If you have not grown a company to over $25 million in sales, and that is your goal, doesn't getting help from someone who already has done exactly that makes sense?  Few people understand these challenges.  Many new entrepreneurs hang "President" on their door without getting the guidance of others who have done it before. Would you hire anyone for any other job without many years experience doing exactly that?  This kills more companies than anything every year. Of 700,000 companies founded each year 50% will be gone in less than 2 years and only 1 in 1,000 will be successful enough to go public and build great wealth for its owners.

The CEO and Entrepreneur Coaching Program is designed to both help guide your business and to help you develop into a world-class executive more rapidly.  The idea is that Bob will be up to speed on your business and provide advice on any and all challenges you face. The "Prudent CEO" works hard to find out what he or she does not know and fill in those gaps in their team. This can be done well only with the guidance of people who have "Been there. Done that." When you need answers, not just questions from a coach they must have been a CEO before.

What you get is based on what you need from this list. It may be some or all of these, but the goal is always to provide more of what you really need each month to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be:

 1. An outside perspective from the broad scope of a CEO - Your "CEO co-pilot", coach, mentor, creative partner and/or advisor
 2. Expertise and experience you do not have on your management team today to fill holes and addres new challenges
 3. The ability to discuss things you can not share with your management team, spouse, friends or others who cannot understand deep and complex issues around your challenges
 4. Unbiased advice, driven by your needs, not the self-interests internal people may have, or limited by their perspective and experience
 5. A more in-depth ability to help than a board of directors member or investor because Bob is not just up to speed on your business by brings three decades of experience to every problem
 6. Help optimizing your business design and team that can only come from an experienced CEO
7. Help balancing issues with life, employees, shareholders, vendors and customers

Executive Coaching as an Investment 

In a study published by The Manchester Review in 2001, the executives interviewed cited executive coaching as having the following frequency of tangible business impacts:
* Productivity 53%
* Quality 48%
* Organizational Strength 48%
* Customer Service 39%
* Reduced Complaints 34%
* Cost Reductions 23%
* Bottom Line Profitability 22%

The Manchester Study concluded that the ROI of a well executed coaching program is 500%.

 Coaching Structure

Though no two leaders advance through the process in exactly the same way, the basic coaching structure is:
1. Assess strengths (multi-rater, EQ, thinking/behavioral preferences)
2. Align interests, strengths and organizational opportunities
3. Create stretch goal
4. Identify conditions for success
5. Create new practices/habits 
6. Perform - with clarity and focused action
7. Celebrate
8. Repeat

 The CEO & Entrepreneur Coaching Program provides the following services and benefits:

  1. Regular Meetings - Average of an hour per week of time working with you "on" the business not "in" the business. Sometime 2 hours twice a month is better. We will addressing the biggest challenges and decisions you face each week.  This time can be used for strategic planning, evaluation of problems or just about any topic that is pressing. We can meet either in person or by phone.
  2. Review key proposals, plans and decisions - Bob will be your co-pilot for tough decisions, always there, always up to speed.
  3. Priority Telephone and Email Support - You will have Bob's cell phone number to call for quick consultations on important decisions and issues to get the benefit of Bob's experience whenever you need it!  Build confidence and make decisions faster too.  Bob will also  leverage his personal network of contacts to help you find key answers and resources. Email can usually be responded to within a hour.
  4. Market Watch - Bob will think of both you personally and your company in his research and reading and send you relevant news, ideas and articles that are appropriate to guide you and your company at your current stage of development. Sometimes I even write a book chapter to address a coaching client's particular challenge (confidential, of course and at no charge).
  5. Vision and Organizational Development - Bob will help you update and validate your vision and help supplement any holes in your management team's expertise (20-40 skills are required for the success of most rapid growth companies).  He will also provide creative ideas on ways to expand your business and leverage your core values and assets that are not expensive or risky.   This will allow you to open up new channels of sales, save on costs or expand your business in other ways.

Outside perspective is key to success.
We are just too close to many issues to see all the best alternatives.

Not everyone is accepted into this program, as Bob can only handle a small number of these at a time. Applicants are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.   Bob does this because he enjoys working closely with companies to help them grow. This program is designed to get both the executive and their business to the next level of performance. 

We offer a trial month to show how much value you can get. This is like buying insurance for your business's success. 

Imagine having a proven, seasoned CEO on your team every week for less that the price of a part-time receptionist!  Other programs may make sense depending on your current challenges and team. 

A FREE complementary session is available to qualified candidates.



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