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Our parent company was founded in 2002 and incorporated in 2004 as C-Level Enterprises, Inc. with Mr. Norton as the founder.

We operate as a virtual company using a network of consultants and coaches who are certified in various specialities. Since our founding we have created several brands of products and services to help CEOs, entrepreneurs and managers infuse best practices and Management systems into their businesses to accomplish the following goals:
    1. Increase grow rates, revenue and profit
    2. Improve sustainable competitive advantage and corproate value creation (equity value as well as cash flow)
    3. Develop world-class cultures to drive them to be market leaders, not followers

Our brands and trademarks include:

C-Level Enterprises

Consulting and Coaching Services

Products For Early Stage Companies

Management Systems and Best Practices Training for Companies with at Least Seven Employees

An Intensive CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp

An Advanced Training Program for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives

Each brand is targeted at a different market and need but all share the core use of advanced management and entrepreneurship using proven best practices that have been used and validated by our founder and CEO Robert Norton.

Mr. Norton personally coaches clients, consults and advises companies in many capacities at the strategic level as part of his quest to continue to develop the most comprehensive set of models, tools and systems to help companies become world-class leaders in their markets.

Although core philosophies and training require much experience to implemtn well they can be trained. Unfortunately most business schools and colleges lack the real-world experience to provide state-of-the-art tools and training, the really provide fundamentals. Ivy league MBA and PhDs who use our training and systems ask why their expensive degree program provided nothing like this. The reason is we are pushing the art on Managment Science and intergrating ideas and best practices from hundreds of gurus, authors and consultants developed over many decades. 

We know we can help any company reach its next level if it is a start-up or has 1,000 employees already by implementing the provide systems and best practices we have compiled and created since 2002.

We believe all problems and limits in a company trace back to a lack of a proper Managemetn System and have divided all needed systems and training into these six system to make the most comprehensive framework for organizational development and success available today. Other companies offer slices of these but no company offers a complete solution like the one we have developed since it was created in 2009. Each system can be implemented in six to eight weeks or all six systems in 12-18 months. This will guarantee improved profitability, grow rate and market share. Our coaching and training incorporates all these principles and best practices.

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