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Bob's Biography

Robert Norton is an author, speaker, and consultant to CEOs, corporations and entrepreneurs on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, business design, rapid growth, and vision.  He has been a full-time CEO and board member since 1989 and has grown and sold several businesses.  He mentors and coaches both experienced CEOs and new entrepreneurs to increase their chances of success and guide their personal development towards becoming world-class executives.

Mr. Norton has developed and teaches many proprietary business design tools and systems for competitive advantage and rapid growth, which are now offered at various seminars across the U.S. including the Entrepreneur and CEO Boot Camp - “The Art and Science of Business Design”.  These systems have been developed over 15 years of experience as a CEO and incorporate ideas from over a thousand business books.  He is a specialist at building long-term competitive advantage into businesses so that profit margins can be maintained.

Mr. Norton has now participated in eight different startup companies, several non-profits, two companies that grew from $0 to over $100 million in annual sales on a full-time basis and many, many others in a consulting capacity.  He has also worked for two different multi-billion dollar companies, giving him a broad perspective on corporate growth through all stages of corporate development from raw startup to a mature company. 

Companies and products he has been responsible for generate well over $1 billion in annual revenues and include ISI Systems, Accurate, Thomson Financial Services, FIRST CALL, InvesTEXT, VideoMunifacts, Portia, HomeView, TechnologyForKids, Grumman Aerospace and the International Thomson Organization.  Many products he developed grew rapidly and some even dominated their respective markets. 

Mr. Norton speaks at various Boston area associations, universities, and corporations on many business topics including business model design, business optimization, organizational development, entrepreneurship, financing, and early-stage company management.  He was a software engineer early in his career and a Vice President of Engineering and CTO before founding his first company in 1989.

He is a member of The CEO Group, IdeaSphere, WPI Enterprise Forum, The Association for Corporate Growth, The MIT Enterprise Forum, The National Association of Corporate Directors, The Seaplane Pilots Association and former member and group leader of the SBANE CEO Dialog program.  He has also been an angel investor in several companies and acts as an independent director in some circumstances.  Mr. Norton participates on non-profit boards and donates both time and money to various local and national causes regularly.

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